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Our Three Step LED Lighted Back Bar display is by far our most popular liquor display. Standing 12.25” high, this display highlights any counter space beautifully! With plenty of room for your entire liquor selection, you are sure to WOW your friends and customers with this Three Step design. Add a custom logo to the bottom step to make your back bar display one-of-a-kind! 3 Step LED Lighted Liquor Shelves

-Your average 750ml bottle is 3" in diameter. You can find the approximate amount of bottles a display will accommodate by multiplying the length of the display by the number of steps and dividing by 3.

-Be sure to go to the finishes page to see all the color options available!

3 Step Dimensions
12.25" H x 13.5" D

LED Lighting
-All of our products incorporate our low voltage
-You have the option of choosing one permanent color or our remote control LED lighting package
-These LEDs use virtually no energy, create no heat and are rated to 50,000 hours so you will very rarely if ever need to replace them
- Visit the lighting page for more info on these options

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3 Step LED Lighted Liquor Display