Custom LED Corner Bar Shelves – Recent Projects

Corner Bar ShelvingThis is a custom corner bar shelving unit we just finished up for The Alcove Cantina in Round Rock, TX. It’s one of the more unique corner displays we’ve done recently due to it’s odd shape and angles. It’s also the first time we’ve made a corner display with a full-color logo which made it extra challenging due to the different angles.

We definitely think it’s going to make an impact at The Alcove when it opens up soon!


Amazing Video Of Our Portable Bar From Happiest Hostess


Folding Portable Bar for EventsThere’s nothing we love more than getting pictures of our portable bars being used by our customers so when we watched this video we were absolutely thrilled! The video was made by Happiest Hostess. An event company based in Raleigh, NC that specializes in weddings, bar mitzvahs, holiday and birthday parties.

They added one of our 48″ Portable Bars to their offerings last year and it has some unique graphics that were the owner Judy’s idea. She opted to put her company’s branding on the side of the bars with a fully opaque black panel with a white printed logo. The front panel was left blank so her clients can get personalized graphics for their events. It’s a great idea that adds a special touch for her clients while still being able to promote her brand.

You can visit their Facebook Page or website at

Nexus LED Lighting And Why It’s Better

We’ve been manufacturing LED lighted products since our founding in 2004 so when we decided to start offering portable bars in our product lineup it’s no surprise they included LED lighting. Since the beginning, we’ve always strive to offer the best lighting with the most features and that remains true today with our Nexus LED lighting system.

Nexus LED remote at a glanceNexus LED Portable Bar Lighting

The core component of our lighting is the Nexus led controller which we designed, programmed and have manufactured specifically for use in our products. The remote has all of the features you’d expect so see in an led remote control and more.
Preset Colors
Preset Color Changing Modes
Speed Settings
Custom Color Programming

Custom Color Changing Programs

Most, if not all, remotes will come with the ability to cycle through all of the colors. Usually called 7 Color Fade. Unfortunately, with this mode, you’re stuck with all the colors in the spectrum. You may not want pink or green but you’re getting it.
The thing that makes this remote one of a kind is it’s ability to create custom color changing programs directly on the remote without the need for any special software or programming knowledge. This means if you don’t want pink or green, you don’t have to see it.

An example of this would be you’re a brand like Heineken who’s company colors are green and white. With most remotes, you’d be stuck using green OR white. With our remote, you can program only green and white so the colors will only cycle from green to white back to green.
Another example would be an event rental company using our portable bars at a wedding and the bride really has her heart set on purple, pink and blue. With this remote, you can create a program that will only show those colors instead of being stuck with only one of the three.
You’re also able to change how long you see that color before it fades to the next along with how long that color will spend fading to the next!

This is an extremely versatile feature that you won’t find on any other led remote in the world.

LED LightingUL Listed Components

All of the components of our led lighting are UL Listed which includes the controller, power supply and the lighting itself. This means that our lighting meets UL’s published and nationally recognized standards for safety not unlike all of the other electrical components you purchase.

Getting this certification is complex and expensive process and since none of our competitors mention UL Listed components then it’s safe to assume they aren’t.
Many local electrical codes will not allow non-UL listed electrical components be used in an establishment due to safety reasons which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure we are selling both quality and safe products.

LED Lighting In Our Portable Bars Isn’t An Afterthought

We’ve been making led lighted products for 12 years and if there is one thing we know how to do well, it’s designing a product that looks great with LED lighting and our portable bars are no exception.

If you look at most of the led portable bars available you’ll notice you can see the source of the lighting around the edge of the bars, even though the graphics which leaves a big dark spot towards the center. We call this a halo effect and it’s caused by the LED lighting being too close to the front panel.

We specifically designed our bars to avoid any kind of halo effect so the glow of the lighting is as even as possible across the entire front panel. Doing this makes sure that any branding is evenly lit and provides that wow factor everyone wants.

Below is a comparison of the led lighting in our portable bars vs. one of our competitor’s. The choice is yours!




Portable Bars for the Cannabis and Pot Industry

Portable Cannabis Pot Bar for Events & WeddingsLike it or not, it would appear that the legal pot & cannabis industry are here to stay and being that we’re based in Denver,CO which is ground zero for pot legalization, it won’t come as a surprise that many new cannabis companies have come to us to help promote their brand with our unique products.

“…the bud bar was a HUGE hit at the Cannabis wedding expo.”

One of the most recent examples of this is Top Shelf Budtending based in Denver who ‘specializes in providing an elegant, safe, and responsible cannabis experience at events and weddings.’ They recently purchased one of our portable bars and showcased their products at the first ever Cannabis Wedding Expo.

Be sure to check out the local news coverage of the event below as well as Top Shelf Budtending’s website.

You can find more info on our bars at our portable bar page.

Mobile Pot & Cannabis Bar for Events

A look back at 2015 – A great year

2015 was a crazy year for us and it seems like it flew by much faster than normal. Most likely because it was or biggest and busiest year full of new products, new innovations and new equipment/toys for our facility to not only make fabrication faster, turnaround times smaller but to create increasingly higher end and unique products for our customers.

We’ve been so busy this year we haven’t had much time to create anything new so we dedicated the last quarter to adding new products and product options to our lineup. These are some of them.

Wine glass racks in our shelves

We worked on this concept on and off for years. Finally, we nailed it down to a design that was not only functional but easy to create which essential for keeping it affordable.Wine Glass Rack Shelf


Wine glass racks in wall mounted bar shelves

This idea was spawned directly from the wine glass feature in our floating shelves. The design is simple and really lets you maximize your space.

Wall Mounted Bar Shelves with Wine Glass Rack

New furniture series – Eclipse

These new led tables are still work in progress but we made one available to purchase in December. This series was specifically geared towards the promotional aspect and incorporates illuminated logos in a super low profile top.
One of the tables we prototyped for this series is a great example of how not every design makes it to production. The funky shaped below was a very cool design concept (in theory) The table base was made in a half circle type shape which was covered by an identically shaped acrylic top. The top swiveled to create a full circle and reveal ice bins underneath which could be used for bottle service. It is a very cool table but it’s just wasn’t practical for production and the cost would have would have been very high and unrealistic.

Mirage LED Table Series

This is also another series which is a work in progress. We’ve made a few different versions but only one has made it the website and we’ve gotten great feedback so far. These will be a slight variation of our Cubix Series with a unique lighted stripe down the center of the tables. While the difference isn’t huge, it’s much more complicated to make than the cubix tables and the pricing will reflect that. You can see a video of these tables here.

Optional tops for Lumen tables

Another thing we worked on for years was the ability to affix larger tops to our lumen tables. Primarily for the highboy versions in order to give patrons a little leg room. We tried for a while to make the top removable with invisible fasteners. We couldn’t come up with a way to make the invisible version practical so we opted for stainless fasteners in the top. It’s super simple, effective and the fasteners are high grade stainless so they aren’t an eyesore.
Now almost all Lumens have the option of adding additional tops and we can even make custom shaped tops conform to your brand.

Direct Print Technology

Here at Customized Designs we invest heavily in the latest technology to continually create some of the most unique, customizable LED products while also keeping them affordable. Our new direct print technology is a great example that. We’ve had the ability to put logos and branding on displays for nearly ten years and we’ve been printing decals for furniture and bars for about 3 but this new technology has changed everything. Now we have the ability to print on virtually everything with insanely high detail. Something that was impossible before with vinyl decals and this technology is much more durable also. Check out some of the projects we did late this year with it.


Customer Pictures

It’s been a great year and there is no better way to show that than share some of the amazing pictures our customers send to us throughout. Below are just a few.


What’s in store for 2016?

We plan on 2016 being even bigger and busier than 2015. We’re going to be working harder than ever to stay on top by continuing to provide the highest quality products with the best price and creating even more unique designs you won’t find anywhere else!

Amazing before and after home bar shelving install

Home Bar Shelves & Tequila Collection

Home Bar Shelves

One of our customers sent us pictures of these led shelves for their entry into our annual picture contest. I’ll admit at first I was a little stumped as to why they were sending us images of their home office but once I got through a few the images I finally got it and WOW the difference is night and day.

They had my vote but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for them to win. I honestly think they should be getting some sort of consultation prize for the best transformation of a home office. A home bar and room to show off your tequila collection is obviously way more practical anyways, right?

LED Furniture – Great for Hookah Lounges

Hooka Lounge Furniture Hookah Lounge Furniture

One of our customers, Karma Hookah, out in Las Vegas sent us these pictures a few weeks ago showing off their hookah lounge with our LED Furniture. They did an amazing job and they will be opening up a second location this week.

As for the tables, they chose to do some Cubix 40x20s and 20x20s which really add to the atmosphere.
When considering any of our led furniture for a hookah lounge it’s important to consider a sacrificial clear protective top for the table. This will protect the actual acrylic surface from being damaged/burned from the hookah coals. When the protective top becomes damaged, it can be thrown away and replaced for about a tenth of the cost of the table top.

You can find out more about these led tables on the cubix led furniture page.

LED HookaH Tables

Hookah Lounge


LED Wine Glass Racks Are Finally Here!


LED Wine Bottle ShelfOver the years we’ve had a ton of requests for our led floating shelves with a wine glass rack option and a few years ago we designed and made one for a customer who absolutely had to have it. You can see it here. While that design looked and functioned great, it was extremely complicated and difficult to make which made it cost more than it was worth.

Thankfully our design team has come a long way in the last couple of years and we spent all this week determined to find a better, more economical way to make our led shelving with integrated wine glass racks built in and we did just that! (At least we think so anyways)

What we came up with was a very simple yet effective solution to the problem. Instead of building some wildly complex contraption that had to be affixed to the bottom of the shelves, we simply designed a hole and slot configuration which allows the wine glasses to slide into the shelf itself. Wine Glass Bottle Display ShelfWhile this design does take up a lot of the allowable space for bottles, we think the trade-off is worth it since these shelves will only cost 10% more than a 9″ deep shelf, vs 25%-50% more.

You can find out more info on the wine glass rack shelving page.

Monster Energy Display – Facebook Contest

LED Lighted Monster Energy Display
We did a Facebook giveaway contest back in 2013 for a Monster Energy table so we’ve got a ton of Monster fans on our Facebook page. So, we figured we’d make another Monster something to give the rest of our 15,999 fans who didn’t win the table another chance to win something Monster-ish.

We made a custom 2 tier liquor display with couple extra cool features. The front has a full-color logo, the first time we’ve ever attempted it, and we added a huge Monster edge lit panel for a little added flair.

Monster Energy Display ShelfIf you’d like to enter the contest you can check it out on our Facebook Page.


Great pictures of our LED Shelving at Chili’s

Chili's LED Bar ShelvesWe’ve been working with Chili’s for a couple of years now and we’ve had the privilege of helping them update their locations and test out designs for new ones. One of those locations in Panama City Beach, FL opened last weekend and by sheer coincidence one of our former employees was there to snap some pictures of our led shelves in action!

Before long our shelves might be in every Chili’s location. Be on the lookout at your local Chili’s because if they have led bar shelving, odds are they were made by us!

Check out the LED Shelving page for more info.


Chili's Back Bar Shelving Floating LED Shelving LED Shelves