A look back at 2015 – A great year

2015 was a crazy year for us and it seems like it flew by much faster than normal. Most likely because it was or biggest and busiest year full of new products, new innovations and new equipment/toys for our facility to not only make fabrication faster, turnaround times smaller but to create increasingly higher end and unique products for our customers.

We’ve been so busy this year we haven’t had much time to create anything new so we dedicated the last quarter to adding new products and product options to our lineup. These are some of them.

Wine glass racks in our shelves

We worked on this concept on and off for years. Finally, we nailed it down to a design that was not only functional but easy to create which essential for keeping it affordable.Wine Glass Rack Shelf


Wine glass racks in wall mounted bar shelves

This idea was spawned directly from the wine glass feature in our floating shelves. The design is simple and really lets you maximize your space.

Wall Mounted Bar Shelves with Wine Glass Rack

New furniture series – Eclipse

These new led tables are still work in progress but we made one available to purchase in December. This series was specifically geared towards the promotional aspect and incorporates illuminated logos in a super low profile top.
One of the tables we prototyped for this series is a great example of how not every design makes it to production. The funky shaped below was a very cool design concept (in theory) The table base was made in a half circle type shape which was covered by an identically shaped acrylic top. The top swiveled to create a full circle and reveal ice bins underneath which could be used for bottle service. It is a very cool table but it’s just wasn’t practical for production and the cost would have would have been very high and unrealistic.

Mirage LED Table Series

This is also another series which is a work in progress. We’ve made a few different versions but only one has made it the website and we’ve gotten great feedback so far. These will be a slight variation of our Cubix Series with a unique lighted stripe down the center of the tables. While the difference isn’t huge, it’s much more complicated to make than the cubix tables and the pricing will reflect that. You can see a video of these tables here.

Optional tops for Lumen tables

Another thing we worked on for years was the ability to affix larger tops to our lumen tables. Primarily for the highboy versions in order to give patrons a little leg room. We tried for a while to make the top removable with invisible fasteners. We couldn’t come up with a way to make the invisible version practical so we opted for stainless fasteners in the top. It’s super simple, effective and the fasteners are high grade stainless so they aren’t an eyesore.
Now almost all Lumens have the option of adding additional tops and we can even make custom shaped tops conform to your brand.

Direct Print Technology

Here at Customized Designs we invest heavily in the latest technology to continually create some of the most unique, customizable LED products while also keeping them affordable. Our new direct print technology is a great example that. We’ve had the ability to put logos and branding on displays for nearly ten years and we’ve been printing decals for furniture and bars for about 3 but this new technology has changed everything. Now we have the ability to print on virtually everything with insanely high detail. Something that was impossible before with vinyl decals and this technology is much more durable also. Check out some of the projects we did late this year with it.


Customer Pictures

It’s been a great year and there is no better way to show that than share some of the amazing pictures our customers send to us throughout. Below are just a few.


What’s in store for 2016?

We plan on 2016 being even bigger and busier than 2015. We’re going to be working harder than ever to stay on top by continuing to provide the highest quality products with the best price and creating even more unique designs you won’t find anywhere else!