LED Furniture – Great for Hookah Lounges

Hooka Lounge Furniture Hookah Lounge Furniture

One of our customers, Karma Hookah, out in Las Vegas sent us these pictures a few weeks ago showing off their hookah lounge with our LED Furniture. They did an amazing job and they will be opening up a second location this week.

As for the tables, they chose to do some Cubix 40x20s and 20x20s which really add to the atmosphere.
When considering any of our led furniture for a hookah lounge it’s important to consider a sacrificial clear protective top for the table. This will protect the actual acrylic surface from being damaged/burned from the hookah coals. When the protective top becomes damaged, it can be thrown away and replaced for about a tenth of the cost of the table top.

You can find out more about these led tables on the cubix led furniture page.

LED HookaH Tables

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