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Amazing before and after home bar shelving install

Home Bar Shelves & Tequila Collection

Home Bar Shelves

One of our customers sent us pictures of these led shelves for their entry into our annual picture contest. I’ll admit at first I was a little stumped as to why they were sending us images of their home office but once I got through a few the images I finally got it and WOW the difference is night and day.

They had my vote but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for them to win. I honestly think they should be getting some sort of consultation prize for the best transformation of a home office. A home bar and room to show off your tequila collection is obviously way more practical anyways, right?

LED Wine Glass Racks Are Finally Here!


LED Wine Bottle ShelfOver the years we’ve had a ton of requests for our led floating shelves with a wine glass rack option and a few years ago we designed and made one for a customer who absolutely had to have it. You can see it here. While that design looked and functioned great, it was extremely complicated and difficult to make which made it cost more than it was worth.

Thankfully our design team has come a long way in the last couple of years and we spent all this week determined to find a better, more economical way to make our led shelving with integrated wine glass racks built in and we did just that! (At least we think so anyways)

What we came up with was a very simple yet effective solution to the problem. Instead of building some wildly complex contraption that had to be affixed to the bottom of the shelves, we simply designed a hole and slot configuration which allows the wine glasses to slide into the shelf itself. Wine Glass Bottle Display ShelfWhile this design does take up a lot of the allowable space for bottles, we think the trade-off is worth it since these shelves will only cost 10% more than a 9″ deep shelf, vs 25%-50% more.

You can find out more info on the wine glass rack shelving page.

Great pictures of our LED Shelving at Chili’s

Chili's LED Bar ShelvesWe’ve been working with Chili’s for a couple of years now and we’ve had the privilege of helping them update their locations and test out designs for new ones. One of those locations in Panama City Beach, FL opened last weekend and by sheer coincidence one of our former employees was there to snap some pictures of our led shelves in action!

Before long our shelves might be in every Chili’s location. Be on the lookout at your local Chili’s because if they have led bar shelving, odds are they were made by us!

Check out the LED Shelving page for more info.


Chili's Back Bar Shelving Floating LED Shelving LED Shelves

Beautiful LED Floating Shelves Customer Installation

Floating LED Shelving

Floating LED Shelving

Our Floating Shelves make any home bar or restaurant look amazing. What better way to display your prized liquor collection than to light them up in LED’s?! These Double Depth Floating Shelves (9″ Wide) are 8 Feet long and come with the necessary mounting brackets and LEDs.
This client actually opted to use their own existing mounting brackets and received a credit on their floating shelves since they didn’t need the brackets that are usually included.

The NeXus Lighting System allows you to change the LEDs to 16 preset color options. They can fade, jump and even dim the lights! Purchase multiple shelves and link them together to get a beautifully synced light show 🙂

Suspended LED Lighted Bar Shelves – Awesome DIY Customer Install

Suspended Shelves with Lights

Suspended Shelves with Lights

These are some great photos we received from one of our clients recently who tackled a DIY project involving our led lighted shelves and it’s pretty awesome! Because his mirror would have made it difficult to mount the shelves with the normal mounting brackets we include with our shelves, he suspended the shelves with rods which he actually made himself which was apparently about 40 hours of work!
Here are some comments from the customer about how he did it:

“I started with an unfinished basement so it was easier to anchor it in. I just used 1/4″ threaded rods then cut and painted 1/2″ copper for a finished look. All I had to do to the shelves was drill a hole for the thread to go through then bolt them into place. It sounded easier than it was to actually do. I probably put 40 hours in on the whole shelf project alone, but I’m just a do-it-yourselfer.”


I’ll say. I know they make rod and cable suspension kits and we’ve considering offer such a thing with our shelves but at first glance, they’re really expensive and would most likely take a bit of “DIYing” to install. Maybe we’ll come up with a simpler, less complicated solution one day to offer. Until then, Bravo to this DIYer!

Find out more about our lighted floating shelves or get more ideas for your home bar from the home bar ideas page.

Floating LED Lighted Shelves: Not just for displaying liquor bottles!

LED Illuminated Floating Desk

LED Illuminated Floating Desk

While the majority of our customers are using our led shelving for their home bars and commercial back bars, our shelves have a ton of potential uses. Anything from displaying the knick knacks around your home to showcasing the products in your store or establishment.

Using our lighted shelves is the perfect way to highlight the items in your store that would otherwise be unnoticed. Mainly due to the fact that the shelves themselves are unique and will bring attention to whatever is displayed on them. Especially when they’re used in an environment that usually wouldn’t utilize such a thing.

One example of this is how House of Synergy Salon used our LED lighting and shelves to create a unique environment for their hair salon. They’re using our LEDs behind the mirrors to create an ambient halo effect and utilizing our led shelving to display their hair products near the front.

Or maybe you don’t need shelves at all. Maybe you like the effect our lighted shelving produces but want to use it in a completely different way. That’s exactly what one of our clients had in mind when he had us make an LED illuminated desk for their ultra modern apartment. The desktop itself is basically a huge led shelf that is sitting on a ledger board that the customer install to give it a floating effect. Sweet, huh?

There is really no limit to how our floating shelves can be used. Especially because they’re all hand made here in our facility in Denver, CO and can be customized to meet the needs for just about any use!

Lighted Illumishelf with Custom Wine Glass Rack

LED Lighted Shelf With Wine Glass RackUPDATE: We’ve updated this design. Find out more info on the Wine Glass Shelf page.

We have just added a new design to our Lighted Floating Shelves!  This Illumishelf is 9″ deep which can hold up to two rows of liquor bottles but the added bonus is that there is an acrylic rack attached to the bottom that allows almost any size wine glass to hang beautifully below it.  This wine rack was 60″ long and could hold up to 40 wine glasses!  This new product is perfect for the wine lover who wants to display their collection in style.  Sure to be the conversation piece amongst all of your friends!