Nexus LED Lighting And Why It’s Better

We’ve been manufacturing LED lighted products since our founding in 2004 so when we decided to start offering portable bars in our product lineup it’s no surprise they included LED lighting. Since the beginning, we’ve always strive to offer the best lighting with the most features and that remains true today with our Nexus LED lighting system.

Nexus LED remote at a glanceNexus LED Portable Bar Lighting

The core component of our lighting is the Nexus led controller which we designed, programmed and have manufactured specifically for use in our products. The remote has all of the features you’d expect so see in an led remote control and more.
Preset Colors
Preset Color Changing Modes
Speed Settings
Custom Color Programming

Custom Color Changing Programs

Most, if not all, remotes will come with the ability to cycle through all of the colors. Usually called 7 Color Fade. Unfortunately, with this mode, you’re stuck with all the colors in the spectrum. You may not want pink or green but you’re getting it.
The thing that makes this remote one of a kind is it’s ability to create custom color changing programs directly on the remote without the need for any special software or programming knowledge. This means if you don’t want pink or green, you don’t have to see it.

An example of this would be you’re a brand like Heineken who’s company colors are green and white. With most remotes, you’d be stuck using green OR white. With our remote, you can program only green and white so the colors will only cycle from green to white back to green.
Another example would be an event rental company using our portable bars at a wedding and the bride really has her heart set on purple, pink and blue. With this remote, you can create a program that will only show those colors instead of being stuck with only one of the three.
You’re also able to change how long you see that color before it fades to the next along with how long that color will spend fading to the next!

This is an extremely versatile feature that you won’t find on any other led remote in the world.

LED LightingUL Listed Components

All of the components of our led lighting are UL Listed which includes the controller, power supply and the lighting itself. This means that our lighting meets UL’s published and nationally recognized standards for safety not unlike all of the other electrical components you purchase.

Getting this certification is complex and expensive process and since none of our competitors mention UL Listed components then it’s safe to assume they aren’t.
Many local electrical codes will not allow non-UL listed electrical components be used in an establishment due to safety reasons which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure we are selling both quality and safe products.

LED Lighting In Our Portable Bars Isn’t An Afterthought

We’ve been making led lighted products for 12 years and if there is one thing we know how to do well, it’s designing a product that looks great with LED lighting and our portable bars are no exception.

If you look at most of the led portable bars available you’ll notice you can see the source of the lighting around the edge of the bars, even though the graphics which leaves a big dark spot towards the center. We call this a halo effect and it’s caused by the LED lighting being too close to the front panel.

We specifically designed our bars to avoid any kind of halo effect so the glow of the lighting is as even as possible across the entire front panel. Doing this makes sure that any branding is evenly lit and provides that wow factor everyone wants.

Below is a comparison of the led lighting in our portable bars vs. one of our competitor’s. The choice is yours!