Hot Baybes and Portable Bars Make for Awesome Events


Mobile Bartending BarWe were contacted back in March by the founder of Baybes, an event staffing company that “offers highly skilled, ultra attractive bartenders and cocktail waitresses.” They were in need of portable bars to bring to some of their events all around West Palm Beach, FL and our bars were the perfect fit for them.

“Once they are assembled they are extremely efficient which help with overall smoothness of the night and they really help set us apart from other companies! People adore them too!”

We made them two portable bars. One 77″ for the larger events and one 48″ for the smaller ones. The 77 has all black panels with their lighted logo on the front and sides. The 48 also has logos but is done with a wood finish called Tendu which gives it a completely different look.

They were kind enough to send us these amazing pictures of our their Baybes making our portable bars look as good as ever!

You can find more info on our bars at our portable bar page.

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Showing off our Portable Bars

LED Lighted Mobile Bar

LED Lighted Mobile Bar

Back in January we were at The Special Event Show in Aneheim, CA to show off our Element Modular Furniture System and our Portable Bars.  (we’ve been a little busy to post to our blog) The response we received was overwhelmingly positive and just about everyone was impressed with the portability, weight and overall design of our mobile bars.

We took with us all three sizes. The 48″, 62″ and 77″ and used a combination of tops too make on long flowing bar top. Both the 48 and 62 are using curve tops and the 77 is using a square top.

Each portable bar shows off a different type of branding & logo design that we can do.

-The 48″ bar has a custom printed front panel with a floral pattern to show off how detailed we can get with our graphics.

Portable Bar

Portable Bar

-The 62″ bar has a similar style printed graphic except we printed a white squared design to show that the front can utilize abstract designs and can be changed out deepening on your event.

-The 77″ has a standard printed logo on the front which is the most common type of branding & graphics we do.

What’s amazing is that we fit our entire trade show booth, 3 bars, 2 huge columns and about 10 additional Element LED tables into one 4’x8′ pallet which goes to show how portable and diverse our Element Modular Furniture and portable bars really are.

Visit the Portable Bar & Modular Event Furniture pages for more info!

Customized Designs featured in Bar Business Magazine


Back in May we were contacted by Bar Business Magazine to offer our expert advice for an article about lighted liquor displays in their June issue. Check out what we had to say.


Custom Jagermeister Liquor Display

Custom Jagermeister Liquor Display

In dark bars, of course, all of these features and components are reliant upon
great lighting schemes to make them not only appealing but simply viewable at all. In Denver, Colorado, Customized Designs ( has been creating unique and specialized LED lighted products since 2004 for hotels, restaurants and bars such as MGM Grand and many other establishments across the U.S.

“I would say the biggest mistake people make when it comes to a liquor display, other than not having one, is not planning for one”

According to company Founder & Designer Brian Turnipseed, Customized Designs is the largest manufacturer of illuminated furniture, liquor displays and other LED lighted products in the U.S., and the largest manufacturer of LED lighted liquor displays in the world.
“Our best selling models are the standard style tiered displays,” says Turnipseed. “this is mainly because we have a lot of these displays in stock and the prices are significantly lower than our semi-custom and custom products.

LED Back Bar Shelves

LED Back Bar Shelves

“As for what’s trending, I would say that it’s an option that we offer, which is logos and branding. Adding logos and branding to our displays has become an increasingly large part of our business in recent years. A lot of our customers partner with their liquor reps and have them pay for the display and put the liquor brand’s logo on the front. Other bar owners just want to add a personal touch to it by adding their bar’s logo to the front because, let’s face it, in a world where virtually everything is mass produced overseas, there is something to be said about getting a custom-made item and being able to say, ‘This was custom made for us and it is awesome, while not having to take out a second mortgage on your home to pay for it.”

The liquor displays built by Customized Designs, all backed by a lifetime warranty, also include the best LED lighting system available on the market, as Turnipseed understands the importance of shining a light on any beautiful bar design. “It goes back to visibility, and the more visible your products are, the more likely they will sell.” he explains. “There are a lot of ways to use lighting to bring visibility to your back bar, and a lighted liquor display or lighted shelves is one of the easiest. If you have a nightclub or very dimly lit bar, then I would say a lighted display is absolutely essential. If your bar is already very bright, the LED lighting may not help you quite as much, but it surely can’t hurt.

Back Bar Display w/ Logo

Back Bar Display w/ Logo

There have actually been case studies on how lighting can affect the way people make purchases and the consensus are pretty much unanimous – your customers need to be able to see what they’re buying, and adding a lighted bottle display or lighted shelves is the easiest way to bring attention to your highest margin products.”


Putting your bottles on display would seem to be a no-brainer. People can’t buy what they don’t know is available. With temporary and permanent options available, building a back bar bottle display can be as easy and as beneficial as you need it to be when you want it to be.

“I would say the biggest mistake people make when it comes to a liquor display, other than not having one, is not planning for one,” says Turnipseed. “If you plan ahead just a bit, you really open up the possibilities in what can be done with your display to really make it yours, and not just what someone else has”

You can read the full article at

Find out more about our displays on the Bar Shelving page

Custom Mini Bottle Glorifier for Suicide Bunny E-Liquids

Suicide Bunny Vape Display

Suicide Bunny Vape Display

When Suicide Bunny E-Juice Vapors contacted us a few months ago wanting us to create a custom led lighted vape display for their soon-to-be-launched vapors product line it sparked our interest. Mainly because we’d yet to do any type of custom work for the e-liquids industry. They wanted something that had never been done before to make their product stand out in shops around the country yet still affordable in smaller quantities.

We came up with a number of ideas and made a couple of prototypes. The final rendition is in the top image on the right. The display needed to be small not only because the bottles are only about 3″ tall but the less counter space the display takes up the better. The main challenge was to fit an LED controller, lighting and all of the cables inside such a small base. Eventually, we figured it out and the final versions are on the right.

The display itself consists of a black base that houses the LED controller and LED lighting. Their logo is was far too complex to do a traditional edge-lit etched panel so we printed their logo and put it on frosted acrylic which picks up the LED lighting much like our floating shelves do. We also designed this panel to be easily removable for easy shipping/transport and can be switched out if they ever want to re-brand the display.

We think it turned out great and will be sure to grab attention in stores around the US. Hopefully, they think so too and will be back for more in the future!

3 Tier Liquor Shelves w/ Edge Lit Insert Panel

3 Tier Liquor Display w/ Edge Lit Logo Panel

3 Tier Liquor Display w/ Edge Lit Logo Panel

Here at Customized Designs we offer a number of ways to customize your liquor display with branding to market your brand and one of those ways is with led edge lit panels.

This is a standard 3 tier bottle display but with an added removable edge lit panel insert. Although much less common and a bit more expensive to do than our standard front step lighted logos, edge lit panels are sometimes preferable for a number of reasons.

One of the main reasons customers will go with an edge lit logo is because of space. This logo for Bar Tendas is a fairly complex design and simply won’t fit in the 4″ space of the bottom step. Rather than sacrificing the detail of their logo we recommended and edge lit panel which allows us to use the original artwork and make their branding stand out that much more.

While the panel appears to be built into the display, it can actually be easily pulled out and replaced if it ever becomes damaged or if they want to change logos for different events.

The one drawback of these type of edge lit logo panels is that they are made with clear acrylic and unlike the white acrylic the shelving is made with, it will show scratches very easily so the panel itself must be handled and cleaned with extreme care.

We have considered making these panels with etched glass, however, glass is 1) Dangerous 2) Heavy 3) Expensive and 4) Dangerous. So, we will probably stick with acrylic for the time being. =D

To find out more about our displays, check out the bar shelving page.

Custom 3 Tier Lighted Bar Shelves w/ Cherry Finish

Custom 3 Tier Cherry Bar Shelves

Custom 3 Tier Cherry Bar Shelves

This is one of the more custom liquor displays we’ve done recently. This client had a unique back bar made that required a little ingenuity when it came to getting a bottle display to fit in and look right.

The custom angles definitely posed a challenge to our fabrication team as the majority of the pieces had complex angles and had to be cut by hand as opposed to being cut on our computerized machinery. Nevertheless, it turned out great and fit in the client’s niche perfectly.

To ensure the display matched the customers existing wood finish perfectly, they chose an unfinished cherry wood veneer that would be stained on site using the same stain used for the rest of the bar. This is the surefire way to make it look like the display and bar are a perfect match for each other!

Round LED Cubix Coffee Table

Round Cubix LED Coffee Table

Round Cubix LED Coffee Table

This Circular Cubix Table is a true beauty! With a 48″ diameter, this table is perfect for any lounge with bottle service. The LED’s shine through the acrylic on the top while also illuminating the bottom area giving it an awesome 360-degree glow!

Awesome Liquor Selection Makes for Awesome Liquor Display Pictures

4 Tier LED Bar Shelving

4 Tier LED Bar Shelving

Every year we hold our annual Photo Contest where all of our clients from the previous year can submit their photos for a chance to win money & prizes and for 2014 this was our 2nd place winner.

The actual display is a 96″ 4 tier bottle display which is one of the largest displays we make standard. Even still it looks like they have such a massive selection of liquor at The Cave in Brooklyn, NY that they could use an even bigger display!

I personally love this picture because it shows what a huge difference illuminating your selection of liquor can make. Imagine if there were no lights behind the bar. I wouldn’t be nearly as impressive and I can almost guarantee that they’re selling more of their highest margin products at The Cave than they would be without the display.

Mobile Cubix LED Lighted Ice Bins for Beer and Other Beverages

Dasani Mobile Beverage Display

Dasani Mobile Beverage Display

Who wouldn’t want these amazing ice bins at their next event? These custom Ice Bins are made just like our Cubix Series Tables but with an added twist…an ice bin inside!! What makes these things so awesome is that we can add almost any logo to the side of these bins so that the LED’s shine through the sides, the tops and even the bottom making sure to catch everyone’s eye.

The Ice Cold Beer Tub is 72″ long and holds up to 30 bags of ice! The Dasani Bin is 30″ long and held about 10 bags of ice. Each Tub comes with a drain at the bottom making it a breeze to empty out the excess water and by being on wheels, this thing is a cinch to move around and store.