Portable Bars for the Cannabis and Pot Industry

Portable Cannabis Pot Bar for Events & WeddingsLike it or not, it would appear that the legal pot & cannabis industry are here to stay and being that we’re based in Denver,CO which is ground zero for pot legalization, it won’t come as a surprise that many new cannabis companies have come to us to help promote their brand with our unique products.

“…the bud bar was a HUGE hit at the Cannabis wedding expo.”

One of the most recent examples of this is Top Shelf Budtending based in Denver who ‘specializes in providing an elegant, safe, and responsible cannabis experience at events and weddings.’ They recently purchased one of our portable bars and showcased their products at the first ever Cannabis Wedding Expo.

Be sure to check out the local news coverage of the event below as well as Top Shelf Budtending’s website.

You can find more info on our bars at our portable bar page.

Mobile Pot & Cannabis Bar for Events