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Amazing Video Of Our Portable Bar From Happiest Hostess


Folding Portable Bar for EventsThere’s nothing we love more than getting pictures of our portable bars being used by our customers so when we watched this video we were absolutely thrilled! The video was made by Happiest Hostess. An event company based in Raleigh, NC that specializes in weddings, bar mitzvahs, holiday and birthday parties.

They added one of our 48″ Portable Bars to their offerings last year and it has some unique graphics that were the owner Judy’s idea. She opted to put her company’s branding on the side of the bars with a fully opaque black panel with a white printed logo. The front panel was left blank so her clients can get personalized graphics for their events. It’s a great idea that adds a special touch for her clients while still being able to promote her brand.

You can visit their Facebook Page or website at

Nexus LED Lighting And Why It’s Better

We’ve been manufacturing LED lighted products since our founding in 2004 so when we decided to start offering portable bars in our product lineup it’s no surprise they included LED lighting. Since the beginning, we’ve always strive to offer the best lighting with the most features and that remains true today with our Nexus LED lighting system.

Nexus LED remote at a glanceNexus LED Portable Bar Lighting

The core component of our lighting is the Nexus led controller which we designed, programmed and have manufactured specifically for use in our products. The remote has all of the features you’d expect so see in an led remote control and more.
Preset Colors
Preset Color Changing Modes
Speed Settings
Custom Color Programming

Custom Color Changing Programs

Most, if not all, remotes will come with the ability to cycle through all of the colors. Usually called 7 Color Fade. Unfortunately, with this mode, you’re stuck with all the colors in the spectrum. You may not want pink or green but you’re getting it.
The thing that makes this remote one of a kind is it’s ability to create custom color changing programs directly on the remote without the need for any special software or programming knowledge. This means if you don’t want pink or green, you don’t have to see it.

An example of this would be you’re a brand like Heineken who’s company colors are green and white. With most remotes, you’d be stuck using green OR white. With our remote, you can program only green and white so the colors will only cycle from green to white back to green.
Another example would be an event rental company using our portable bars at a wedding and the bride really has her heart set on purple, pink and blue. With this remote, you can create a program that will only show those colors instead of being stuck with only one of the three.
You’re also able to change how long you see that color before it fades to the next along with how long that color will spend fading to the next!

This is an extremely versatile feature that you won’t find on any other led remote in the world.

LED LightingUL Listed Components

All of the components of our led lighting are UL Listed which includes the controller, power supply and the lighting itself. This means that our lighting meets UL’s published and nationally recognized standards for safety not unlike all of the other electrical components you purchase.

Getting this certification is complex and expensive process and since none of our competitors mention UL Listed components then it’s safe to assume they aren’t.
Many local electrical codes will not allow non-UL listed electrical components be used in an establishment due to safety reasons which is why we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure we are selling both quality and safe products.

LED Lighting In Our Portable Bars Isn’t An Afterthought

We’ve been making led lighted products for 12 years and if there is one thing we know how to do well, it’s designing a product that looks great with LED lighting and our portable bars are no exception.

If you look at most of the led portable bars available you’ll notice you can see the source of the lighting around the edge of the bars, even though the graphics which leaves a big dark spot towards the center. We call this a halo effect and it’s caused by the LED lighting being too close to the front panel.

We specifically designed our bars to avoid any kind of halo effect so the glow of the lighting is as even as possible across the entire front panel. Doing this makes sure that any branding is evenly lit and provides that wow factor everyone wants.

Below is a comparison of the led lighting in our portable bars vs. one of our competitor’s. The choice is yours!




Portable Bars for the Cannabis and Pot Industry

Portable Cannabis Pot Bar for Events & WeddingsLike it or not, it would appear that the legal pot & cannabis industry are here to stay and being that we’re based in Denver,CO which is ground zero for pot legalization, it won’t come as a surprise that many new cannabis companies have come to us to help promote their brand with our unique products.

“…the bud bar was a HUGE hit at the Cannabis wedding expo.”

One of the most recent examples of this is Top Shelf Budtending based in Denver who ‘specializes in providing an elegant, safe, and responsible cannabis experience at events and weddings.’ They recently purchased one of our portable bars and showcased their products at the first ever Cannabis Wedding Expo.

Be sure to check out the local news coverage of the event below as well as Top Shelf Budtending’s website.

You can find more info on our bars at our portable bar page.

Mobile Pot & Cannabis Bar for Events

Hot Baybes and Portable Bars Make for Awesome Events


Mobile Bartending BarWe were contacted back in March by the founder of Baybes, an event staffing company that “offers highly skilled, ultra attractive bartenders and cocktail waitresses.” They were in need of portable bars to bring to some of their events all around West Palm Beach, FL and our bars were the perfect fit for them.

“Once they are assembled they are extremely efficient which help with overall smoothness of the night and they really help set us apart from other companies! People adore them too!”

We made them two portable bars. One 77″ for the larger events and one 48″ for the smaller ones. The 77 has all black panels with their lighted logo on the front and sides. The 48 also has logos but is done with a wood finish called Tendu which gives it a completely different look.

They were kind enough to send us these amazing pictures of our their Baybes making our portable bars look as good as ever!

You can find more info on our bars at our portable bar page.

Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page!

Showing off our Portable Bars

LED Lighted Mobile Bar

LED Lighted Mobile Bar

Back in January we were at The Special Event Show in Aneheim, CA to show off our Element Modular Furniture System and our Portable Bars.  (we’ve been a little busy to post to our blog) The response we received was overwhelmingly positive and just about everyone was impressed with the portability, weight and overall design of our mobile bars.

We took with us all three sizes. The 48″, 62″ and 77″ and used a combination of tops too make on long flowing bar top. Both the 48 and 62 are using curve tops and the 77 is using a square top.

Each portable bar shows off a different type of branding & logo design that we can do.

-The 48″ bar has a custom printed front panel with a floral pattern to show off how detailed we can get with our graphics.

Portable Bar

Portable Bar

-The 62″ bar has a similar style printed graphic except we printed a white squared design to show that the front can utilize abstract designs and can be changed out deepening on your event.

-The 77″ has a standard printed logo on the front which is the most common type of branding & graphics we do.

What’s amazing is that we fit our entire trade show booth, 3 bars, 2 huge columns and about 10 additional Element LED tables into one 4’x8′ pallet which goes to show how portable and diverse our Element Modular Furniture and portable bars really are.

Visit the Portable Bar & Modular Event Furniture pages for more info!

LED Lighted Portable Bar & Trade Show Tables for Cyber E-Liquids

Custom LED High Boy Tables for Cyber Liquids

Custom LED High Boy Tables for Cyber Liquids

Cyber E-Liquids found us online and needed some custom furniture to display their products at e-liquid and vapor trade shows around the country. Something that was easily transportable but that would still catch the attention of trade show goers and that’s exactly what we made for them.

The 60″ lighted portable bar was made with about as many customizations that we offer. The front and side panels are done with Sable finish with their logo etched in. They had their minds made up on Sable and while personally, I was hesitant about how it would look, it turned out amazing. We also laminated the top with the same Sable finish to give the bar a complete look and it also looked great.

This bar is actually featured in our mobile bar video and you can see it in action here.

But they also needed some led tables to fill in the rest of their trade show booth and we recommended doing Cubix high boy tables similar to the ones we did for Billy Boys Condom’s trade show booth a while back but instead of only having their lighted logos on one side they needed them on 3 sides to provide even more visibility at the show.

Hopefully, they’ll be sending us some pictures of everything in action before long.

Element Portable Bars w/ Curve Tops

Portable Bars with Curve Tops

Portable Bars with Curve Tops

This Element 48” Portable Bar with Round Top is amazing!!  The Element Series is made of aluminum and each acrylic panel is removable making it easy to customize your events by branding your bar!  The Round Top is 66” Long and has a slightly curved shape which is ideal when putting multiple portable bars together.  Put 4 side-by-

side and make a semi-circle…put 8 side-by-side and you have a complete circle!  Don’t forget that our NEXUS LED Lighting System comes standard on all of our products.

Portable Bars with Curve Tops

Portable Bars with Curve Tops

LED Lighted Portable Bars – Great for Events and Rental Companies

LED Lighted Portable Event Bars

LED Lighted Portable Event Bars

One of the best ways to spruce up your events is with our lighted mobile bars and that’s exactly what Event Experts in Trinidad did! In the pictures below, they’re using 3 of our 60″ portable bars with round tops which can be used together to make large curved bars or even full circles.

Check out the Portable Bars page for more info

If you ever need to throw an event in Trinidad they’re your company.

New LED Lighted Portable Bar

portable_bar_5_smWe are excited to announce that we have just added a new design to our portable bar collection!  The new Element Portable Bar is the most versatile bar out there with endless options for you to customize your needs.

Made with extremely durable yet lightweight aluminum
One of the biggest advantages to our Element portable bars is that we construct them using durable yet lightweight aluminum instead of painted/powder coated steel which means that they are extremely light at 80 lbs vs the competitors at 150-300 lbs. The 48″ portable bar can be loaded into the back of a truck or SUV with one person. You won’t need two or more people or a lift gate to load this bar. Also, since we use all aluminum, stainless hardware, and a stainless steel speed rail, there is no paint to chip so they will never rust.

portable_bar_7Interchangeable Bar Tops
Because sometimes you want to combine two or more bars to create a long linear bar and sometimes you may want to create large circular bars. That’s the reason we designed the Element bars to use interchangeable tops. We can even create custom shaped tops to cater to your specific design or brand.

Interchangeable Side Panels
Staying true to the general Element design, each and every one of the acrylic panels on our portable bars is easily interchangeable. Each panel is held in securely with 3M dual lock connectors and pop in and out with very little effort. This is an amazing feature for venues that hold regular events for different clients. You can order additional panels for different brands or even install panels made with a completely different material!

portable_bar_9_smInterchangeable Prep Area Arrangements
One of the most versatile features of our Element bars is that all of the panels along with the ice bin can be moved around and switched out with other panels with different features. Only have one bartender who doesn’t want the ice bin in the middle? Just move it to the left panel. Only serving beer for an event? Replace the ice bin with a regular panel. One ice bin not enough? Buy an additional one and use two. Need the entire prep area to act as a giant ice bin for bottle beer? Put ice bins in all the slots!
The coolest part about this system is that these panels are standard size throughout the entire portable bar series so you can mix and match even if you have different size portable bars.

Curved Element Portable BarModular Ice Bin System (included)
Most portable bars, if they include an ice bin, it’s exactly that. A plastic bucket for ice. What we’ve done is actually try to make this ice bin a bit more useful by making it modular.
Each bar comes with 5 different components for the ice bin.
-An 18″ x 12″ food grade bin for ice
-A 10″ x 6″ bin that fits inside the larger bin (this can be used to hold chilled wine or to keep certain liquors ice cold while separating it from ice that will be used in drinks)
-3 plastic garnish trays that fit inside the 10×6 bin. Fill the 10x 6 bin full of ice and voila, you have the perfect place for your limes, lemons or whatever does it for you and your event.
You can use any, all or none of these components to maximize the space in your portable bar.

portable_bar_6_smAvailable w/ branding and graphics
Like with all of our products, we have in-house graphic printing capabilities and can do full-color graphics on any and all of the panels on our bars. If you want, we can also wrap the aluminum frame along with the panels to create a seamless look.

44″ Stainless Steel Speed Rail
Each 48″ bar comes standard with a 44″ stainless steel speed rail. While this speed rail can be removed for easier cleaning, it remains attached while the bar is folded so it’s much less likely to be scratched or lost while in transport.
If you use silicon to seal the bottom edges of this speed rail to waterproof it, you can effectively use it as an ice bin for holding beer and other beverages.