LED Wine Glass Racks Are Finally Here!


LED Wine Bottle ShelfOver the years we’ve had a ton of requests for our led floating shelves with a wine glass rack option and a few years ago we designed and made one for a customer who absolutely had to have it. You can see it here. While that design looked and functioned great, it was extremely complicated and difficult to make which made it cost more than it was worth.

Thankfully our design team has come a long way in the last couple of years and we spent all this week determined to find a better, more economical way to make our led shelving with integrated wine glass racks built in and we did just that! (At least we think so anyways)

What we came up with was a very simple yet effective solution to the problem. Instead of building some wildly complex contraption that had to be affixed to the bottom of the shelves, we simply designed a hole and slot configuration which allows the wine glasses to slide into the shelf itself. Wine Glass Bottle Display ShelfWhile this design does take up a lot of the allowable space for bottles, we think the trade-off is worth it since these shelves will only cost 10% more than a 9″ deep shelf, vs 25%-50% more.

You can find out more info on the wine glass rack shelving page.