One of the biggest decision you’ll have to make when purchasing your element event furniture is which top you will need. We offer a wide variety of table tops for each different element and each top can change what you can do with your furniture. Simply by changing out the standard 1/4″ inset top that comes with a 30″ high e18 with a 36″ round table top transforms the element into a great banquet table that will sit four or 5 people.

1/4″ Inset Top
1/4″ thick acrylic inset tops are the standard tops that are included with each element. Unless you ordered an alternate top for your element when you originally purchased, you should already have this top.
Best Uses
The inset tops are for light duty applications. They are great for displaying products, tops for back bars or table tops for smaller tables.
-These tops can be used for tables up to e18s. Anything larger should use a 3/8″ top.
-These tops should only be used with e12s when used for seating
-These tops shouldn’t be used for anything potentially load bearing (heavy displays, sitting, standing) over e24 elements.

Why do you offer inset panels if you don’t recommend them for use with anything over e30 Elements?
-Because all elements have the potential to be transformed, you may end up using the Element in a different configuration than originally designed for. For example, you can use an 18″ H e42 element as a large coffee table, or you can stand it upright and use it as a portable bar in which case you don’t necessarily need a heavy duty top, because the top is now the front vertical face. (see alternate images)

3/8″ Flush Tops
3/8″ ‘flush’ tops are the ideal top for use with any element in virtually every application. We call them flush tops because they sit flush with the outside edges of the element, rest ontop of the aluminum frame while still locking in place with dual lock connectors.
Best Uses
-Flush tops are best for medium/heavy duty applications. Any e series (e12-e48) with a 3/8″ flush top can be used for coffee tables
-Although these tops can hold a significant amount of weight (200-1000 lbs depending on table size) they are not rated for use as dance floor tops
-These tops can be used with any e series element as seating