One of the biggest things that makes our Element event furniture so versatile is the ability to combine or ‘splice’ elements together to make different sized furniture that will serve a different purpose than that single element did alone.

Because each one of the four side panels is universal, you can take two elements of the same height and splice them together. For example: Let’s say you had two Elements. An e18 (18″ x 18″) at 18″ H and an e36 (36″ x 36″) also at 18″ H. The e18 by itself makes a great side table and the e36 makes a great square coffee table but if you were to splice them together you will have created two new Elements with a completely new shape at 18″ x 36″ x 18″ H which is perfect for a longer, more linear coffee table. Instead of purchasing the entire X series 18″ x 36″ x 18″ H coffee table, all you would need to do is purchase the new top and new bottom lighting panel to fit the new spliced Element.
You could even now stand this Element upright to create a 36″ H table, the base for a bar or even insert shelving into it and use it for back bar storage.

You can see how splicing Elements together can quickly turn two items with seemingly limited uses into endless possibilities. Instead of having your warehouse filled to the brim with different pieces of furniture to accommodate every time of occasion, you’re able to to accomplish the same thing with only a few Elements that will take up almost no space.

Because there are an endless combination of spliced elements available, we aren’t able to offer all of the alternate top and bottom configurations online. Please contact us with your dimensions!




Transforming Elements refers to the ability to take one element with a specific purpose and transform it into another element with a completely different purpose. This is usually done by flipping/rotating an element and switching out acrylic panels to accommodate different events. For example: If you already owned an e18 x 42″ elements that you used for a high boy table, you could lay it down on it’s side to create an 18″ x 42″ x 18″ H coffee table.

But first, you would need to make a few changes.

Lighting & Side Panel
On an e18 x 42″ High Boy Element, the lighting panel is an 18″ square panel in the bottom of the table. When you flip it on it’s side this panel becomes one of the tables 4 sides and the lighting panel will now be exposed. What we want to do is cap that panel with a regular 1/4″ thick inset panel so it will match the other three sides. Now we need to light the table and from here there are a few options. Option A, the more cost effective way, would be to simply use the existing 18″ square lighting panel that we removed and put it inside the table. The only problem with this with longer/taller tables is that the square panel may not be enough to light the entire table evenly. Option B is so completely discard the old highboy lighting panel and replace one of the longer side panels with a new lighting panel. This will ensure that there is a bright, even glow throughout the entire table.

Depending on the size of the Element you’re transforming and what you are planning to do with it, you may or may not need to change out the tops. Sticking with the e18 x 42″ high boy transformed into a coffee table example, when you lay it down to become a coffee table one of the side panels will become the new top. If you’re using this for decor or displaying light weight items, then using the 1/4″ thick panel as a top is no big deal, but if you plan on using it as a coffee table or seating you definitely will want to switch out the 1/4″ inset panel with a 3/8″ flush panel. The smaller the table the less necessary a 3/8″ thick top becomes.

Example Transformation:
18″ x 36″ x18″ Coffee Table to 18″ x 18″ x 36″ Banquet Table
We already have some e18 x 36″ Elements that we use as coffee tables. They’ve got a 3/8″ thick flush top and a full size bottom lighting panel. We have an event coming up and need to create a long banquet table so instead of buying an entirely new set of tables we will simply transform our existing elements into banquet table bases.
What we need:
Although you COULD use the 3/8″ thick flush table tops as one of your new sides, we want it to look uniform so we need to replace that side with a regular 18″ x 36″ 1/4″ thick inset panel. Since all four sides of these new tables will be seen, we need to swap out the 18″ x 36″ lighting panel from the coffee table with a new 18″ x 18″ lighting panel that will replace one of the old side panels and now become the new bottom. The new top is the old 1/4″ inset side but we don’t plan on doing anything too heavy duty with these tables so there is no need to switch it out with a thicker 3/8″ top.