Custom Corner Liquor Display – Yacht / Boat

We were contacted last year by the owner of the Copper Penny sailboat catamaran. He wanted a solution to display their liquor bottles in a fun way that would not only hold up to the climate and humidity down there but also secure the bottles from moving while on rough...

Modern Cannabis Shop

Awesome picture from one of our cannabis clients showing off their super modern and classy style cannabis shop. As the cannabis industry grows, more and more we find ourselves doing displays to show off pot and cannabis selections. Products in this picture      • 96" LED Lighted 4 Tier...

Godfather Speakeasy Themed Home Bar

This is a super fun picture we received recently of a customer's mobster themed home bar. They're using one of our 2 tier liquor displays with built in wine glass holders to display their liquor collection and wine glass underneath. Featured Products • 32" 2 Tier Wall Mounted Home Bar...

Home Back Bar Shelves with LED Lights

Customer photo showing off their huge home bar's liquor selection with our led shelving. This picture also shows off how you can strategically hide the wires to the shelves without cutting into your walls and fishing cables. Personally I would have put the wires behind the Makers Mark sign but...

Lighted Home Bar Wall Shelving

This is a custom home bar double wall display unit we did recently for a customer in Florida. They sent us about 10 pictures and they are all pretty awesome but this one is definitely the best!

Commercial Back Bar with Liquor Display

If you're looking for ideas on how to maximize your back bar's storage then look no further! This customer is using a 96" 3 tier raised style liquor display with a 14" opening and using the extra storage below for their glassware.

Restaurant Back Bar Display

How awesome is this customer picture? They're using two of our 48" raised style liquor displays with a jewel mahogany finish. The extra storage underneath looks like it's working our perfectly for storing their glassware!

Philadelphia Eagles Home Sports Bar

Another customer photo of their Philadelphia Eagles themed home bar. They were inspired by another Eagles home home picture they saw on our sports themed gallery! Tags:Tags: Philadelphia, Eagkes, Football, Home Bar

Modern Style Home Bar Stainless Raised

This is a great customer photo showing off one of our raised liquor displays with storage underneath. It has a stainless steel finish that matches the rest of their modern decor.

LED Lighted Home Bar

This is one of a few amazing photos one of our customers sent us of his awesome home bar. They're using two 2 step 30" liquor displays and a 1 step bottle display with their home bar's name on it. There are a few more pictures of their basement bar...

LED Lighted Back Bar w/ LED Shelves & 2 Tier Liquor Displays

This is a great picture one of our commercial bar customers sent us to show off how they're using our 2 tier liquor displays and quite a few of our led shelves. They opted to use their own existing mounted system for the shelving so they didn't need our usual...

Awesome Nightclub Bar Shelving Installation

We Received A Bunch Of Great Pictures Of One Our Client's Recent Install At A Nightclub In New York And This Is One Of Them. They're Using Our Led Shelves And Liquor Displays But Made The Lighted Columns Themselves. Turned Out Awesome!

4 Tier Raised LED Crystal Display w/ 14″ Storage Opening

This pictures shows off how our tiered liquor displays can also be used to display laser etched crystals. The raised style of these displays works great for this use since the storage underneath also has LED lighting which lights up the crystals. Products in this picture: 4 Tier Raised Style...

Steakhouse Restaurant LED Bar Lighting & Shelving

This Is Another Amazing Picture From A Steakhouse In Dickson, TN. They're Using A Number Of Our Low Profile Two And Three Step Liquor Shelves Behind The Bar. Along With The Blue Led Under Bar Lighting, It Made For A Great Set Of Photos!

Commercial Back Bar Display Shelves

This Is An Awesome Picture Showing Off This Customer's Commercial Back Bar Using Our 3 Tier Low Profile Liquor Displays. Looks Like They May Need To Upgrade Those Glass Bar Shelves With Some Of Our Led Shelves Too!

Custom LED Back Bar Display for Vape Store

This is a cool project we did for Vimmana Vapor recently. It’s a full back bar for their vapor store which consists of a custom made cabinet with integrated led shelves, 72″ 3 tier bottle display, a custom back lit printed logo and an 8′ custom cubix table that serves...

Custom 3 Tier Cannabis Display w/ Walnut Finish

This is a custom 3 tier we made recently for a customer who plans on displaying their cannabis products on it. The display itself looks fairly standard but it was actually quite the challenge to fabricate. Seamlessly integrating the all wood design with the lighted logo in the front was...


This is a custom 2 tier home bar display we did for a huge Louisiana football fan. The front of the display has a standard lighted Saints logo. The LSU logos in the shelves are actually done by printing the letters on the opposite side of the acrylic shelves which...