Commercial Back Bar with Liquor Display

If you're looking for ideas on how to maximize your back bar's storage then look no further! This customer is using a 96" 3 tier raised style liquor display with a 14" opening and using the extra storage below for their glassware.

Restaurant Back Bar Display

How awesome is this customer picture? They're using two of our 48" raised style liquor displays with a jewel mahogany finish. The extra storage underneath looks like it's working our perfectly for storing their glassware!

Awesome Nightclub Bar Shelving Installation

We Received A Bunch Of Great Pictures Of One Our Client's Recent Install At A Nightclub In New York And This Is One Of Them. They're Using Our Led Shelves And Liquor Displays But Made The Lighted Columns Themselves. Turned Out Awesome!

LED Lighted Back Bar w/ LED Shelves & 2 Tier Liquor Displays

This is a great picture one of our commercial bar customers sent us to show off how they're using our 2 tier liquor displays and quite a few of our led shelves. They opted to use their own existing mounted system for the shelving so they didn't need our usual...

Steakhouse Restaurant LED Bar Lighting & Shelving

This Is Another Amazing Picture From A Steakhouse In Dickson, TN. They're Using A Number Of Our Low Profile Two And Three Step Liquor Shelves Behind The Bar. Along With The Blue Led Under Bar Lighting, It Made For A Great Set Of Photos!

5 Tier LED Lighted Bar Shelves

Products in this photo • 48" 5 step commercial bar shelving • Black Finish • Logos: Captain Morgan, Jose, Crown Royal, Ciroc, Bacardi, Patron, Jack Daniels, Grey Goose