Cannabis & Pot

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  • Budtending Mini Bar
    Top Shelf Budtending Mini Bar
    This is a portable €œ"budtending" bar for a client here in Denver. He is using it to offer cannabis at weddings and events much like a bartender would alcohol.Products in this pictureMini Portable Bar LED Lighting Color - White   
  • Cannabis & Pot Jar Display
    Custom 3 Tier Cannabis Display w/ Walnut Finish
    This is a custom 3 tier we made recently for a customer who plans on displaying their cannabis products on it. The display itself looks fairly standard but it was actually quite the challenge to fabricate. Seamlessly integrating the all wood design with the lighted logo in the...
  • Lighted Pot Jar Display
    Lighted 3 Tier Pot Display w/ Copper Finish
    Similar to the other 3 tier display for Indo Garden, this display has a lighted logo, brushed copper finish and is used to display their cannabis products in stores. Finish: Brushed Copper Lighting Color: Blue Dimensions: 30" Wide   
  • Lighted Vape & Cannabis Display
    Lighted Vape & Cannabis Display
    This is a custom wrap style display we did for a Cannabis & Vape company in Europe. It has smaller custom dimensions to fit the small vape bottles better and has full-color logos on each tier.Products in this pictureWrap Style Bottle Display Color/Finish - Black Lighting Color...
  • Wrap Style Cannabis Display Tiers
    Wrap Style Cannabis Display Tiers
    Products in this picture36" Wide 4 Tier LED Lighted Display for Cannabis & Pot Color/Finish - Black Lighting Color - Green Logo Font: Seattle Sans Dimensions - 36" Wide x 18" Deep
  • 2 Tier Pot Jar Display w/ Edge Lit Sign