Edge Lit

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  • Kings Crown Vape Bottle Display
    King's Crown LED Lighted Vape Bottle Glorifier
    A small bottle glorifier for King's Crown Vape & E-Liquid. It has an edge lit printed panel with a low profile base which makes it great for retail stores. Color/Finish - Black / Frosted Lighting Color - Orange Dimensions - 12" W x 3 " D   
  • Custom Small LED Sign
    Small LED Edge Lit Sign for Siggy's Top Hat...
    Products in this pictureThis is a small edge lit sign we made recently for Siggy's Top Hat Club. It is wall mounted with low profile brackets in the back and the led lighting/controller are hidden inside the aluminum channel. Dimensions: 20" Wide x 16" High   
  • Bar Bottle Shelf w/ Edge Lit Logo
    3 Tier Bottle Display w/ Edge Lit Panel
    This is a 3 tier bottle display with a custom edge lit panel insert. This particular picture shows the old style of edge lit logos. To see a better example of how they look now, see the more recent edge lit logo picturesProducts in this picture3 Tier...
  • Florida Gators Home Back Bar
    2 Tier Home Bar Display w/ Florida Gators Edge...
    Show off your love for your favorite sports theme with a custom edge lit panel for your bar shelves!Products in this picture2 Tier Bar Shelf w/ Edge Lit Florida Gators Logo Color/Finish - Bittersweet (Orange) Lighting Color - Orange Dimensions - 36" Wide   
  • LED Liquor Display Wyoming Panel
    2 Tier Bar Display w/ Edge Wyoming Panel
    Products in this picture2 Step Lighted Liquor Display w/ Wyoming Edge Lit Logo Panel Color/Finish - Brushed Bronze Lighting Color - White Dimensions - 36" Display Logo Font: Algerian (Patron)   
  • Bottle Display w/ Edge Lit Logo
    3 Step Low Profile Liquor Display w/ Edge Lit...
    Products in this pictureLow Profile 3 Tier Bottle Display w/ Edge Lit Logo Panel Color/Finish - White Lighting Color - Cyan Dimensions - 96" W   
  • Custom Liquor Shelving
    4 Tier Bar Shelving w/ Custom Edge Lit Panel
    Products in this pictureRaised 4 Tier Liquor Display w/ Edge Lit Logo Panel Insert Color/Finish - Black Lighting Color - Amber Dimensions - 96" x 24" H (not including edge lit panel)   
  • Vape Bottle Display
    Origin of Symmetry Vape Display
    Products in this pictureCustom Mini Vape Bottle Glorifier with Edge Lit Logo Panel Color/Finish - Black Lighting Color - Cyan Dimensions - 12" Wide   
  • Monster Energy Display Stand
    LED Lighted Monster Energy Display Stand
    A cool little lighted display shelf we did for a huge Monster Energy fan. The front is a full-color logo along with an edge lit Monster logo insert.Products in this picture2 Tier Lighted Bottle Display Shelf Color/Finish - Black Lighting Color - White Dimensions - 12" Wide
  • Liquor Display with edge lit logo
    3 Tier Liquor Display with Edge Lit Logo Panel
    This is a 36" 3 tier liquor display we made recently for Harbour Ridge. It includes an LED edge-lit panel which slides into the top step utilizing the display's existing led lighting. See more of our edge lit creations.
  • Mobile Bar & LED Shelving
    48 Portable Bar & Bar Shelving with Edge Lit...
    This is a 48 Portable and one of our led lighted liquor displays. The bar shelving has an LED edge lit sign which inserts into the top tier of the display.Products in this picture48" Portable Bar for Mobile Bartending 36" 3 Tier Lighted Bar Shelving w/ Edge Lit Logo
  • Broncos Liquor Display With Edge Lit Logo
    Denver Broncos Lighted Liquor Shelving w/ Edge Lit Logo
    This is a custom liquor display we made a while back as a giveaway on our Facebook page. It's a standard 2 tier display with a Broncos logo in the front. We also made a custom edge lit Bronco head insert that slides into the top step for...