LED Decor & Signs

  • New York City LED Lighted Skyline
    New York City LED Lighted Skyline Wall Art
    NYC Skyline w/ Wolrd Trade Centers Color/Finish - Black Lighting Color - White Dimensions - 96" Find out more about our led light skylines   
  • LED Lighted Backlit Sign
    LED Backlit Sign for Sharky's
    This is a custom backlit sign we made for Sharky's Wings a while back. The sign itself sits off the wall roughly 2" and features dual zone lighting which gives is a unique color mixing effect in the middle. Color/Finish - Black Lighting Color - Blue & Green...
  • 2 Step Home Bottle Display & Pittsburgh Skyline
    2 Tier Liquor Display & Lighted Pittsburgh Skyline
    Products in this picture2 Tier Liquor Display & LED Lighted Pittsburgh Skyline Black Finish Full Color Logos Display Dimensions - 60" Wide Skyline Dimensions - 48" Wide   
  • Custom Small LED Sign
    Small LED Edge Lit Sign for Siggy's Top Hat...
    Products in this pictureThis is a small edge lit sign we made recently for Siggy's Top Hat Club. It is wall mounted with low profile brackets in the back and the led lighting/controller are hidden inside the aluminum channel. Dimensions: 20" Wide x 16" High   
  • LED Lighted Indoor Sign
    LED Lighted Sign w/ Lipstick Logo
    Products in this pictureBlack Finish LED Lighting Color: White Dimensions: 36" x 36"   
  • Basement Bar w/ LED Shelving
    Home Bar Illuminated Shelves & Las Vegas Skyline
    A really cool series of pictures of one of our customer's basement home bar. They're using 6 of our 9" x 24" led shelves alongside a 4' wide lighted Las Vegas Skyline.   
  • Custom LED Lighted Vape Back Bar
    Custom LED Back Bar Display for Vape Store
    This is a cool project we did for Vimmana Vapor recently. It's a full back bar for their vapor store which consists of a custom made cabinet with integrated led shelves, 72" 3 tier bottle display, a custom back lit printed logo and an 8' custom cubix table that...
  • Home Bar with LED Chicago Skyline
    Home Back Bar Display & Lighted Chicago Skyline
    A cool picture from one of our residential customers showing off their Chicago themed home bar.Products in this picture4' Wide LED Chicago Skyline Wall Art 64" 2 Tier Home Bar Display with Lighted Logo Color/Finish - Black Lighting Color - Purple Logo Font - Broadway
  • Denver Broncos & Bud Light LED Sign
    Broncos & Bud Light LED Lighted Sign
     This is a custom sign we did a few years ago for the local Budweiser distributor in Denver. They were looking for Broncos & Bud Light co-branded signs to sell to fans in the Denver area and to use in liquor stores. This is one of the prototypes we...
  • Denver Broncos Wall Decor Sign
    Denver Broncos LED Lighted Wall Mounted Sign
    This is another one of the prototype signs we did for Budweiser. This design is much simpler but looks a lot better, we think. The sign's lighting is broken into two sections (dual zone lighting) which gives it a unique color mixing effect in the middle. While it's really...