Event Furniture

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  • Lighted Tradeshow Tables
    Element Modular Tables for Miracle Ear Denver
    This picture was actually taken by one of our former employees who left to go do marketing for a local hearing aid brand in Denver called Miracle Ear. They're using our element modular event tables at trade shows and conventions in the Denver area and they've said they've...
  • LED Lighted Event Tables
    Modular LED Lighted Event Furniture
    Customer photo using our Element Modular Tables at one of their eventsProducts in this picturee18 x 42 w/ 30" Overhand Top e36 x 20 Coffee Table Lighting Color - Blue / Purple / Pink   
  • Modular LED Tables for Events
    Element Modular Event & Wedding Decor
    A great picture from one of our event rental & decor companies. They're using a few custom made elements with clear acrylic panels. They've added brackets inside the top clear sections to hang chandeliers from. Very cool!Products in this pictureCustom e24 Element Columns w/ Clear Panels   
  • LED Tables for Events & Weddings
    Modular Furniture for Events & Weddings
    Products in this picturee18 x 30" LED Modular Event Table Lighting Color - Purple Dimensions - 18" x 18" x 30" H   
  • Lighted Promotional Table
    Element Promotional Table for Hapyak
    Products in this picturee18 x 42" H Element Modular Table Color/Finish - Custom Printed Graphics Lighting Color - White   
  • Branded Logo Tables
    Element Promotional Trade Show Tables
    These are a few element modular tables we made for Protec recently. They're using these at trade shows and conventions around the country in their booth to grab attention from convention goers. Find out more about our modular led tablesProducts in this picturee18 x 18" w/ 24"...
  • LED Modular Table For Events
    e42 Element Modular Table for This Free Life
    We made a dozen of these e42 Element Modular Tables for This Free Life which is a quit smoking/drug campaign targeted at the LGBT community. The element series was a great option for them since they break down into sections which makes them easy to transport from event...
  • Element 42" Modular Table
    42" x 42" Element Modular Table
    Products in this pictureCustom Element Modular Tables for This Free Life Lighting Color - Warm White & Cyan Dimensions - 42" x 24" x 42" Tall   
  • Promotional Vape Table
    24x24x18" Element w/ Liquid EFX Vape Logo
    Products in this picturee24 x 18" Element Modular LED Table w/ Liquid EFX Vape Logo Lighting Color - Cyan Dimensions - 24" 24" x 18" H