Portable Bars

Portable Bars for Events, Mobile Bartending, Brand Promotion & Much More

Mobile Bartending Bar


Our mobile bars have been designed with ease of use in mind. Each bar can be set up in as little as 30 seconds!
Folding Portable Bar


All of our portable bars are made durable yet lightweight aluminum and only weigh between 80 to 110 lbs vs. some of our competitors which can weigh up to 350 lbs.
Portable Bars for sale


Whether you're an event company that rents out bars, a restaurant that needs to add a mobile bar on your patio or you're trying to promote your brand at trade shows and conventions, our portable bars are the perfect solution for virtually any application.

Curved Portable Bars
48" Portable Bar
Portable Bar for Tequlia Brand

Interchangeable Bar Tops

Because sometimes you want to combine two or more bars to create a long linear bar and sometimes you may want to create large circular bars. That's the reason we designed these bars to use interchangeable tops. Each portable bar has three different style of bar tops to choose from to fit almost all applications! We can even create custom shaped bar tops to cater to your specific design or brand.

Portable Bar
Folding Portable Bar
Revive Mobile Event Bar

Interchangeable Side Panels

Staying true to the modular bar design, all of the acrylic panels on our portable bars are removable and interchangeable. This is especially great for event companies who have clients that desire a different look for their events. We can create a wide array of custom panels to fit just about every occasion.

Portable Mini Bar
Mobile Bar Prep Panels
Folding Bar Ice Bins

Customizable Prep Area Arrangements

Another feature that makes our portable folding bars so versatile is the ability to mix and match the prep area panels. You have the option of adding an ice bin to one or all of the panels, or none of the panels. These panels are also universal throughout the entire series so you can take panels from a 48" bar and use them on a 77" bar if needed. These panels also double as cutting boards and are anti-stick and chemically resistant.


Portable Bartending Bar


These aren't your mom's vinyl stickers. All of our graphics are printed directly on the acrylic panels. Not only does this look better, but you'll never have to worry about stickers pealing off or ruining them when it's time to clean your bar.
Prefer decals? We do that too.
Trade Show Bar Tables


We do all of our own graphic printing in house and we have the latest in print technology to do it with. This not only gives us an array of options and creative avenues to explore with your graphics, but drastically reduces lead times for your bars.
Portable Bar for events


Yes, you read that right. Every portable bar comes with free graphics on the front panel. Whether it's a simple black and white logo or an extravogent full color graphic, it's on us!


How much is shipping on your portable bars?

  • All portable bars ship via freight. This means pricing can vary greatly depending on your location and is difficult to calculate accurate shipping costs via our online store.
  • When ordering multiple bars, we will always combine them in the most effective way to reduce shipping costs. This is why we recommend contacting us to get an accurate shipping estimate for your order.

Do you offer multiple quantity discounts?

  • We do! However, they are not available online. Be sure to contact us for quantity pricing!

What is the lead time for bars?

  • All of our mobile bars are manufactured to order here in our facility in Denver, CO and lead times will vary depending on the options and quantity you choose.
  • For smaller orders with no graphics or custom options, lead times are usually just a few days. Logos and custom options typically range from 1-2 weeks depending on our current workload.

Can these mobile bars be used outside?

  • Yes and no. They can be used outside on a temporary basis and will not be irreparably damaged from a storm crashing your wedding or event. However, they should not be left outside long term.
  • While the majority of our portable bars are made with components that are resistant to water (aluminum, stainless steel, water resistant lighting) there are a few components that may rust due to long term exposure to rain and salt water.
  • Our protective covers are water resistant so if you plan on using your portable bar outside, we recommend ordering a cover to keep it protected when it's not being used.

Is the stainless steel speed rail removable?

  • Yes. It can be removed to be cleaned or if not needed.

What happens if I break an acrylic panel?

  • All of the acrylic panels are removable and can be replaced if needed. The side panels are universal throughout the entire portable bar series (excluding mini bars) while the fronts will only fit that specific bar.

Are the cutting boards dishwasher safe?

  • No. Although the cutting boards/prep panels are chemically resistant, they may warp due to the heat of a dishwasher.

Can portable bars be battery operated?

  • Yes. Battery life will vary greatly depending on the size of the bar and the color of LED lighting you're using. We recommend purchasing two batteries for longer events.

Can the dimensions of your mobile bars be customized?

  • Due to the modular nature of all of the components for our bars, the dimensions of our bars cannot be modified. Exceptions can be made for high quantity custom orders.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about our Portable Bars, please don't hesitate to contact us!


Portable Folding Bar Whether you're using your portable bar at conventions to promote your product, events and weddings, as satellite bars in restaurants or even as a home bar, there is no better way to customize it than to add your own personal touch with branding graphics and logos.

Luckily here at Customized Design's we've invested in some of the latest and most advanced printing technology available which means we're able to do all of our printing in house. This drastically reduces the cost and lead times. So much that we offer free graphics on the front panels of each of our portable bars!

Why our graphics are different

Unlike our competitors, our graphics are not stickers. Our graphics are permanently printed directly onto the removable acrylic panels which means they are more durable and will never peel off over time. This printing process gives us much more flexibility with your graphics since we don't need to apply vinyl decals to the entire surface of the bar panels even for logos that don't cover the entire area. Custom Portable Bar With LED Lighting

Printing directly on the surface also produces a much more desirable effect when back lit and since all of our portable bars include LED lighting, we feel this is really important. Bars with a lot of color can produce very cool effects when the LED lighting changes colors. See an example of this here. Grayscale (black and white) graphics also look great when back lit with different colors.


Another big advantage of our direct print technology is that we can completely block out the LED lighting with the graphic and leave only certain portions of your graphics lit up which will make them pop even more. This is something that isn't possible with traditional vinyl graphics.

Sending us your graphics and requirements

Our printers are capable of printing very high resolution and the higher quality your graphics are the higher quality the end product will be. For simple logos we prefer graphics be in vector format when possible. This is because vector graphics can be stretched infinitely without loss of quality. These formats are usually in .AI, .EPS, or .PDF form. Full image graphics should be as high resolution as possible. Please do not send us extremely low-quality images for your portable bar graphics. These two examples of our logo (low) (high) illustrate the difference between low quality and high-quality graphics. If you don't have the high-resolution version of your graphics handy please try to find them before submitting them to us.

What to do if you don't have high-resolution graphics

Not all is lost! If you've done everything you can to find the highest resolution version or original artwork but can't, shoot them over to us anyways and we'll do what we can to make them work. Many companies will charge a fee for not submitting print ready artwork. We are not one of those companies. Mobile Bar For Sale with Custom Branding

Creating graphics specifically for our mobile bars

    These are a few tips if you or your graphic designer are creating graphics specifically for our portable bars.
  • Artwork should be in RGB color mode. Not CMYK
  • All blacks and black backgrounds should be RGB 0,0,0. Anything less will allow lighting to bleed through the image
  • All images outside the acrylic panel outline should be cropped to the correct size or hidden with a clipping mask
  • If your graphics are too large to be sent via email be sure to contact us for our dropbox information

What to do if you don't have graphics at all

No problem! Contact us and we'll help you put something together. (within reason) Here are some tips to finding high-resolution graphics on your own.
  • Google images is the best place to find artwork to use (for free) but you need to make sure you find the high-resolution versions. This is how you do that.
  • Go to Google Images and search for whatever you want on your bar. "Martini Glass" or "Broncos Logo" for example.
  • Click on "Search Tools" below the search bar.
  • Click Size
  • Start with 4mp or even higher
  • If you can't find anything with the higher resolutions you can go down to 1024x768 but even then the quality may be too low.

Keep in mind that images without white backgrounds need to be close to the Length x Height ratios of our bar panels. For example: This image will work on the 77Bar but it won't work on the 48 or 62.

If all else fails, give us a call and we'd be glad to help!