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The Element Modular Furniture system is our one of a kind design that answers all of the problems with events, trade shows and any type of furniture that needs to be moved or transported on a regular basis.
Our patented design utilizes a four-panel system with magnetic locking connectors that makes set up and break down extremely easy.
Each Element is comprised of six components. The acrylic top, the bottom lighting panel, and the four side panels. The side panels are made with lightweight yet sturdy aluminum channel and an acrylic panel. Each of these side panels are identical which adds to the ease of assembly.

LED Illuminated Event Furniture

Illuminated Event Tables


 All the acrylic panels for each Element are removable and interchangeable. There are multiple variations of tops which can transform to look, feel and purpose of each Element. The acrylic side panels can be switched out for different events and to create different effects.
 Rather than having an entire warehouse full of furniture that is only meant for one purpose, you can have a select number of Elements, all of which serve multiple uses. An 18x18x42 Element for example can be used as a high boy, a coffee table, a back bar with shelves, and if you put a few of them together with new tops they can create portable bars and even curve bars.


The Element Event Furniture Series is extremely vast and nearly impossible to summarize on one page. The possibilities really are endless! We encourage you to read all of the informative pages on our site and if you have any questions please be sure to contact us!

e18 x 18 Event Seating