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Whether you’re looking for a little dimension or just want something different, the curved led floating shelves are the perfect option! A close variant of the 9″ shelves, the curved shelving series curves between 6″ deep and 9″ deep. 

In order to keep the curved profile consistent, curved shelves come in preset sizes of 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 feet long. Each size is available in two different styles. Style A and Style B. 

Style A

All A styles end with either 6″ or 9″ on the ends. This makes them great for combining multiple sizes to create longer seamless looking shelves. 

Style B

With this style, the length of the ends will vary depending on size. These are best suited for shelves being used by themselves or when connecting multiple shelves end to end isn’t needed. 

Custom sizes are available, however the depth on the ends will vary depending on the length of the shelf. The curve profile will remain the same. 

**Curved shelves do not utilize the same front diffuser that is included on standard straight shelves. If you are combining standard shelves with curved shelves we recommend having us not include the front diffuser on the standard shelves so they match.

LED Shelving