Custom Corner Liquor Display – Yacht / Boat

Outdoor Yacht Liquor Shelves

We were contacted last year by the owner of the Copper Penny sailboat catamaran. He wanted a solution to display their liquor bottles in a fun way that would not only hold up to the climate and humidity down there but also secure the bottles from moving while on rough seas.

The solution we came up was to make his display out of exterior grade MDF wood as well as using exterior grade adhesive throughout the display. The display design itself is a variation of our corner style liquor displays with the wrapped style of our wraparound liquor displays.

The rods holding the bottles in place was an idea he came up with and implemented on his own. It’s a great solution for holding the bottles securely in place while not blocking the view of the liquor. They recently sent us these pictures to show off how awesome everything turned out!