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The cubix led furniture series is the perfect blend of form, function, durability and cost. It's simple yet unique design will easily transform your night club, lounge or bar with it's ambient lighting effects without breaking the bank.

Custom DJ Stand Cubix - 48 x 24 x 42 H


Personalize your tables by adding your brand or company logo to one, or all sides of the table. Choose from standard one color or full color graphics. Add a logo to the top of your LED tables for no extra cost!

Cubix LED Lighted Lounge Table


Add a clear acrylic table top to protect your investment. This is usually a good idea when adding branding to the table top but is also a good idea for places like Hookah Lounges. See more info below.

Modern LED Lighted Coffee Table


While we offer standard sizes for cubix tables, we can make them in just about any size to fit your specific needs. Cubix series tables are also available in all of the finishes we offer on the Colors Options Page.


Can cubix tables be run on a battery?

     • Yes. Batteries can sit underneath the Cubix tables out of view. To charge the battery, you have to lift up the table to retrieve the battery. This allows you to charge all your batteries in one central location.

     • Battery life will vary greatly depending on the size of the table and the color of LED lighting you're using. Anywhere from 8-30 hours. In commercial settings, we recommend purchasing two batteries per table. One to charge while the other is being used.

     • Find out more about battery operating our led tables here.

Where do you put the power cord?

     • In a perfect world, you'd have a floor outlet beneath every table. Usually, that isn't the case so the power cord has to be run to the nearest outlet. The power cord is 6' long with an inline adapter in the middle. (So more like 3') If you need it to be longer, we sell 3' power extension cables to get you where you need to go.

     • Alternatively, you can run an extension cord to the table and put everything underneath.

What's the difference between the two logos types?

     • We offer two different types of logos on the cubix led tables. Windowed Logos & Cutout Logos

     • Windowed Logos See Example
These logos are a printed insert panel that fit into a window cut out in a cubix table.
The main advantage of this option is that the logo panel can be removed and changed if needed. Reasons for this may include: Rebranding, Updated Logos, Different Promotions, etc...
Any logo that requires full color must be windowed
Windowed logos are only compatible with black finish

     • Cutout Logos See Example
These logos are permanently cut into the table itself and offer a cleaner look
Best for low detail, no color logos that will never need to be changed
Cutout logos are compatible with any finish. (Black, white, wood, metal, etc)

How to choose between logo types?

Below is a list of what would require you to choose one logo type over the other. Anything else is personal preference.

     • You need a windowed logo if:
Your logo requires color
Your logo is very complex and detailed
You may want to change the logo at some point

     • You need a cutout logo if:
You want a finish other than black for your table


If you still have questions about the Cubix LED Furniture, please don't hesitate to contact us!