How to check if your remote is working

One of the most common issues that will cause problems with your led lighting not turning on is a problem with the remote. This is either caused by the battery being dead or the remote not working at all.LED Remote Phone Test

To test if the remote is working, using a mobile phone, point the remote at the camera and push buttons. You should see a purpleish light coming from the IR bulb on the front of the remote. This light is brighter/dimmer on different phone models.
The back facing (selfie) camera is typically easier to see without complete darkness.

  • If you don’t see the light, replace the remote battery which is #CR2025.
  • If after replacing the battery the remote still isn’t functioning, you can purchase a new remote or contact us for warranty replacement within a year.

If the remote is working, please continue to other troubleshooting steps for your specific product.

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