How to remove acrylic shelves

  • The acrylic shelves on your display are attached with very strong adhesive tape. The tape holds the shelf in place and is also a barrier against moisture.
  • The adhesive gets stronger over time so older displays may be harder to remove.
  • Using tools to pry underneath is likely to chip the side laminate so avoid using them unless absolutely necessary.

Important: The underside’s edges of acrylic shelves can sometimes be sharp. Use caution.

Removing Standard / Straight Shelving

  1. To remove a shelf, grab onto the 1/4″ overhang on either side of the display and lift up.
  2. Once you break the corner loose, the rest of the shelf should easily peel off.

Removing shelves on Island / Wrap / Corner style displays

  1. Use extra care when removing shelving on these styles of displays or any other custom display.
  2. Putting too much tension on the 90° degree corners may cause the shelf to fracture in the corners.

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