Why it’s important to use our power supplies.

A common problem is your power supply was lost or inadvertently switched with another product which can lead to failure of the lighting system.

  • Just because an adapter’s plug fit’s our product’s does not mean it is compatible.
  • All of our power supplies have our logo on them.
  • All of our power supplies are UL Listed. If you don’t see the UL logo on the label, it is likely a cheap, poorly made unsafe adapter and should not be used with our lighting or in general.
  • All of our power supplies have a green or blue LED indicator on them.
  • If your power adapter is extremely hot to touch after an hour of use or causes the lighting to flash, it is probably the incorrect power supply and/or not rated for use on that product.
  • None of our competitor’s adapters should be used with our products. Ever.

Example scenarios:

  1. You’re missing your portable bar’s power supply and realize your TV’s plug fits ours so it should work in a pinch, right? Well, since your TV monitor runs on 18-24 volts and our lighting runs on 12, you instantly nuke your bar’s lighting and must all be replaced.
  2. You have a number of our products varying from some tiny bottle displays to a large Cubix LED Tables. You remodel, rearrange, whatever and now your power supplies are mixed up. Well the small displays only need 24 watts but the tables need 50 watts. So, when you plug the 24w power supplies into the tables they either immediately begin to flash or get extremely hot and eventually die.

You can purchase a replacement power supply here

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