Confirming the controller is receiving commands

Each LED Controller has a small green led power indicator which flashes when it receives a command. It is always on and only turns off when the unit is unplugged.

To confirm the controller is turned on and receiving commands from the remote:

  • Remove the bottles from the area you point when using the remote. This location will vary with different display styles but was labeled with an “IR Sensor” sticker when you received it. For standard displays, it will always be in the bottom right corner or whichever side the cord is coming out.
  • Turn off all of your lights and make the room as dark as possible. Pitch black is ideal.
  • There should be a very faint green glow where the controller sits. When you push buttons on the remote, this glow should blink on and off.
  • If you don’t see the glow at all, check to make sure the green/blue LED on the power supply/adapter is on.
  • If you see the glow but it doesn’t respond to commands, check to make sure your remote is working.
  • If you the remote is working but it’s not responding to commands, you may need to:
    – Remove the acrylic shelf and replace the controller.
    – Contact us for additional help.

*The above is only for displays purchased in 2015 or later

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